Quick Thoughts – Punch #3

We are the victims of our own need to obey and comply with whatever is thrown at us. We are all to blame. The screws are coming down on us all. Perhaps you can feel it?. There is no longer such a thing called 'justice for all'. It is now only 'justice for a few [...]

Quick Thoughts – Punch #2

The social media platforms have done a great job of creating a self governing society. Reporting on each other is helping them and is exactly what will lead us to a NO FREE SPEECH society. STOP REPORTING ON EACH OTHER PEOPLE.. Your helping to put a stop to free speech! ... THINK!

Quick Thoughts – Punch #1

The governments of the world must be terrified right now. The more terrible things they do and the harder they tighten the screws on the people - the more people are waking up to their nonsense. One day, the military personnel will walk out. What will governments do then?