Mental Health In A Time Of Deception

Regardless of what the mainstream news outlets are reciting, the unlawful lockdown of billions of people across the world has taken its toll on many. On the opposite end, some have become enlightened to the world as it really is. With time on their hands, millions have awoken to new information and resources – often leading to feelings of anger and disbelief. Regardless to where you are in your life’s journey, one subject has been driven into you like no other – Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

University College London study which monitored 90,000 people at the height of the UK’s  COVID19 lockdown paints a damning picture of increased widespread anxiety, stress and monotonous boredom. Thats just the UK. Now apply that to the global population. We have a serious crisis on the horizon. The UK’s Health Foundation has spoken out on serious concerns about victims of domestic abuse being locked down with perpetrators. A report by MPs found 16 people – 14 women and 2 children – were killed in the first 3 weeks of lockdown, and calls to the national helpline Refuge were 49% higher than usual

Some people have become so hysterically scared, they will not leave their homes. Others are paranoid of other humans getting too close and will literally dart to a 2 metre distance should the opportunity present itself. Non mask wearers are being taunted on the streets and in shops. Step out of the lines, and you may come face to face with an angry person, pointing viscously at the floor markings on which you must stand. And that is just the adults.

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Our children are currently being conditioned / programmed to wear face masks, social distance and not have contact with other children. Some children are even keeping tabs on there parents behaviour. This is simply setting the stage for a generation of children, for whom fear and anxiety of others will become the new normal.

The phrase “Protect Others” repeated by politicians is also damning. Are you really responsible for the well fair of others? And if so, at what cost? The last time I checked, the killing of innocent humans around the world in unimaginable numbers was conducted by those we seek to take advise from.

Who can we thank for this – our governments and mainstream media. If people have not come to realise that lies and miss-information is the number 1 tactic used in politics and mainstream media today, then there is no hope for us. We will, without doubt, become a world where its all fear, deception and paranoia. A world where even writing these kinds of posts will be illegal. Expect a knock on the door!.

Thanks for reading.

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