Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Causes “Unexplained Illness” In UK Participant

A UK participant in the vaccine trials has had a suspected “serious” adverse reaction to the drug and all trials have been put on hold.

As you can imagine, no one has come forward to say exactly what the reaction was and its effects. The term “serious” could mean many things.

The test subject, without fail, will have signed an insurance waver which will protect the companies involved from being held responsible for any deaths. Something we have come to expect from pharma corporations who develop synthetic drugs vaccines.

With a 99.72% chance of recovery through natural means, is there any need for a vaccine?. The only reason for this huge push to create something that is not needed is to make huge amounts of money for those involved. As the old saying goes – “follow the money”.

Your can read the Independents article on this here.

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