PANDORA’s BOX IS OPEN – Andrew & Epstein – Royals Are In Damage Control

With the recent “car crash” interview of Prince Andrew over his friendship with the murdered Jeffrey Epstein, I can’t help smiling watching these people squirm and rush around to protect Andrew. The whole royal establishment is in tatters and for good reason.

Trump recently visited the Queen in the UK and the timing was questionable. Many could not understand why Trump came back to the UK to meet the queen again. It was nothing more than serious damage control because Andrew, during his interview, opened pandora’s box.

Pandora’s box has been opened and it won’t be too long before more details emerge or more victims come forward with fresh allegations.

The only reason Prince Andrew agreed to the interview was to attempt to heal things and clear his name and what he did was open Pandora’s box which is going to be very very difficult for not only the royal family but everybody involved in this sick elite establishment to close.

All it will take is for a group of ethically-minded journalists to really start looking at this and things will turn very ugly in a flash for the elites.

Prince Andrews literally just let the cat out of the bag completely and gave the whole game away for us. What a wonderful gift – thank you, Prince Andrew. He has done a great service for us all!.

The entire establishment is hoping that the public won’t remember that Prince Andrew’s big brother Prince Charles’s best friend was Jimmy Savile. Savile was the procurer of young women like Prince Andrew’s friend Jeffrey Epstein.

How Stupid Are We Believed To Be?

Prince Andrew went to the United States to see Jeffrey Epstein to break up the friendship. But Andrew says that they had not met for around 4 years prior. But Prince Andrew still felt the need to fly out to the US to break up the friendship personally. But then admits that they “we’re not very good friends”. Confused?

The entire royal establishment, along with those involved outside of the house is in serious damage control mode people. I mean, just listen to the ABC leaked video about the cover-up of Epstein’s story by the presenter. She clearly says – “The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways”. Now, that’s power being used as intimidation. If there is nothing to hide, why threaten anyone?.


A new video has recently come to light of another victim claiming to be trafficked. You can see it below.

Prepare yourself – more damage control on the way.


Photo by Alex Boyd


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