5G & Biological Health: UK Government Issued Peer-Reviewed Precautionary Research – Will They Listen?

The UK Government has been advised to move away from Microwave Radiation for mobile communications and to find an alternative to 5G pulse radiation technology.

The paper titled FUTURE TELECOMS INFRASTRUCTURE REVIEW– call for evidence, also with relevance to the reviews: 5G Network Deployment Pilots/mobile connectivity on trains outlines the need for a technological alternative to the current model on 5G deployment.

“5G mm-waves (being higher-frequency) will concentrate their energy and most bio-effects (including from the abrupt digital pulse) in our surface tissue: our skin, eyes, testes, peripheral nerve/ blood cells.”

“We need also to avert i) 5G damage to urban/other trees’ surface tissues, including leaves / bark: British trees are already under pressure, re: ash dieback etc., and ii) 5G damage to bird and insect populations (including mmwave resonance effects in mm-sized micro-fauna) – notice, for example, the important Mount Nardi report for ►UNESCO by botanist Mark Broomhall: shocking declines in a huge number of bird and other species, in a World Heritage wildlife location, spatially pegged to its telecoms pollution levels and their timeline”

The dangerous health effects of 5G are being called a conspiracy theory – well, not anymore. The science is clear and the UK must not ignore this public safety issue. All biological life forms on the planet will suffer.

“There is an urgent need for all of us, without exception, to get up to speed with the latest precautionary evidence for pulsed-RF intolerance (head pain, lost productivity, severe cognitive problems, cardiac reactions, insomnia etc) and all the emerging harm and disability this can cause. As you know, it was first comprehensively confirmed by Russian / American military researchers studying pulsed-RF/radar operators. See, for example, Professor Karl Hecht’s impressive work on Russia’s evidence of harm, and the French former radar-research leader, Dr Pierre le Ruz”.

The mindest of profit over people cannot continue when there are so many peer-reviewed papers available clearly showing the disastrous effects of pulsed RF radiation.

” Britain has buried its head in the sand and rolled out dense pulsed-RF 5G, recklessly filling every accessible human environment; IoT policy has shunned fibre/light-based/other pulsed-RF-reducing options, worsening pollution indoors and out; precautionary evidence is now even more mountainous and its neglect a towering crime against humanity; related cancer rates, neurodegenerative diseases, autism, blood-brain barrier damage, infertility, diabetes (from free radical damage to the pancreas), foetal neural harm, and cardiac effects from exposure (to name but a few of the downstream risks clearly signalled by the growing peer-reviewed evidence”

We would highly recommend that you read the paper in its entirety. It also has some great references on the last page of scientific research already conducted.

The full 15-page document can be viewed and downloaded here.

Main Photo by Annie Spratt

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