Think While Its Legal Friends… or perhaps you should’nt!

Imagine a technology that can read your thoughts like a book and turn your thoughts into audible sentences or even let you play a game of telepathic Tetris. Forget the movies, this technology is almost here, even though China says it’s not ready for deployment.

As the name suggests, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that provide a direct line of communication between the brain and a computer.

Essentially, they pull off the seemingly sci-fi feat of reading minds, and research into them has made remarkable strides in recent years — we now have BCIs that can turn your thoughts into audible sentences or even let you play a game of telepathic Tetris.

Still, the tech has yet to reach anything close to mainstream adoption — but a newly unveiled Chinese computer chip might finally bring it to the masses, according to state-run press agency Xinhua.

Deliberate Design

A collaboration between Tianjin University and the state-owned China Electronics Corporation led to the recent unveiling of “Brain Talker,” a computer chip designed specifically for use in BCIs.

“The signals transmitted and processed by the brain are submerged in the background noise,” Tianjin University researcher Ming Dong said in a press release. “This BC3 [Brain-Computer Codec Chip] has the ability to discriminate minor neural electrical signals and decode their information efficiently, which can greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces.”

Ming believes the chip could help bring BCIs out of labs and into the mainstream.

“Brain-Computer Interfaces hold a promising future,” he said in the release. “The Brain Talker chip advances BCI technology allowing it to become more portable, wearable, and accessible to the general public.”

Our question is, once your thoughts have been read and stored somewhere, what and where will they be used?

READ MORE: China unveils Brain-Computer Interface chip [Xinhua]

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