Bennu Asteroid Simulation Shows The Destruction Of New York

An international asteroid impact simulation finished completed on Friday, showing the complete devastation of New York from a Bennu asteroid impact.

This fake simulation also showed asteroid Bennu’s impact devastating the French Riviera in 2013 and destroying Dhaka in 2015.

Even having included some ‘breathing space’ into the simulator programme, so that the engineers would have extra time to prepare for the eventualities and outcomes of a Bennu impact, they were not successful. An eight-year preparation was added to the programmed simulator, where solutions could be designed and built to deflect Bennu from hitting the earth.

Around 200 astronomers, engineers and emergency response specialists took part in this latest simulation/game. Based on the information the game managers gave them, the 200 strong team would make decisions and await updates as the game progressed. Every decision would have an outcome, which would then be fed back to the participants for further analysis.

All world space powers of the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan chose to build six “kinetic impactors”—probes meant to hit the Bennu asteroid to change its trajectory. This failed and the timer was running out.

With no other options left and with the time available, all each of the countries could do was brace for impact and try to foresee the devastation Bennu would cause on New York.

It showed that the Bennu asteroid will be traveling at around 69,000 kilometers per hour (43,000 miles per hour) and explode 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) over Central Park, leaving nothing untouched in New York.

“energy of the blast will be 1,000 times that of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It will destroy everything within a 15 kilometer “unsurvivable” radius” scientists said

“Manhattan would be totally demolished and the effects would be felt as far as 68 kilometers away”

“The fictional killer asteroid is, of course, “highly unlikely,” said Paul Chodas, the NASA engineer who is the game’s designer

If something like this is “highly unlikely”, why would NASA spend millions in designing and hosting such simulation conferences?. Why would they get the funding in the first place?.

Let’s hope something like this never happens. Many lives would be lost. It would be the end of everything as we know it.




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