Ex Google Employee – Server Has Voodoo Doll Avatar Version Of You & Everyone

An ex employee of Google, who’s job was to figure out how to “ethically influence two billion peoples thoughts” has come forward and revealed some very creepy information.

“Inside of a Google server or a Facebook server is a little voodoo doll, avatar-like version of you.”

Tristan Harris, and ex Google Design Ethicist explained that contrary to popular belief, those eerily hyper-targeted ads for the very product you just talked about aren’t popping up because your phone’s mic is spying on you.
Its simply that Google and Facebook has so much data stored on everyone and their habits, the companies can simply simulate, what Tristan called a “little voodoo doll avatar version of you”. These little voodoo like dolls predict which products, ads and even websites you might click on.

“Your online behaviour is stored and used to construct a profile of you, your personality and interests – straight from the ground up.”


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Tristan goes on to explain that in his previous roll, he didn’t actually need to listen to anyone conversations because every click and like people had ever made had been fed to your voodoo doll, which then acts more and more like you.

The creepiest part is, Harris explained that:

“All I have to do is simulate what conversation the voodoo doll is having, and I know the conversation you just had without having to listen to the microphone.”

So, we can safely assume that those who use Google’s search engine all have a voodoo doll avatar which is constantly learning and watching. Our question is, does it only watch your surfing habits, or are all of your communications, across all google services being monitored and fed to the voodoo doll avatar?.

Now might be a good time to switch your browser and search engine away from Google. Your AI Voodoo Doll Avatar is getting smarter with every click you make!.

You can find the full article here: ABC

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