This Is As Real As It Gets!

This Is As Real As It Gets – By Brendan C. (Guest Writer).

In every waking moment in almost every area of your life there is either a someone, a group or a force that’s doing an outstanding job of controlling your beliefs, your perceptions and even your thoughts. Yeah that’s right, they’re winning and I know you don’t want to hear this but I’m going to say it anyway – you cannot and will not beat them.. ever!.

Who’s “them”? – the media in all its forms. The powerful machine thats behind all political mechanisms and movements. There is no such thing as a populist leader. I really want you to embrace this. It’s the corporate endorsed behavioural schemes that gets you to transfer money, from your wallet or purse, straight to their titanium reinforced bank accounts every month and year like clockwork.

Behaviour management schemes require a lot of data to ensure it has a good pulse on the populous. Why do you think statistics and census reports are such a big deal? Because if you’re running various mind-control programs across 7Bn + people, you’re going to need to take surveys to see what needs tweaking and how do these schemes work out in your day to day life. These mind controllers are playing us like fools! I mean, just look at how they are manipulating the entire world about whats REALLY happening in Venezuela. People in the west actually believe the nonsense that comes out of the garbage mainstream media.

You, I and every living human are in a prison my friends. We cannot see the walls, but they are there. You must abide by the rules of the prison or you are punished. If you speak up, you are silenced. Soon enough, even thinking outside of the designated lines will be a crime. Im serious, and its not too far away. Slowly, they are constructing a mental prison for everyone. A self censorship regime where everyone is enlisted without filling in any application forms. One where, one day, even your own children will report you for saying something against those who control you. It’s coming, trust me, it’s coming.

And while all the lies and deceit are paid for by us,  we all basically struggle for survival – some follow the rules of the prison, some do not – everybody gotta eat right? So it doesn’t matter what the political situation you and your country are in – its still a prison and no one is getting out. It makes no difference where you are within this prison, your qualifications, your position in society – you’re all stuck in this place together. Let me put it like this, if a brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner crashed up against a mountain, then guess what? Everybody in first class gets incinerated as well. It makes no difference how much money or status you have, everyone will face the same fate. Sorry, that’s just the way it is in this reality.

At this point, I must give respect to those in the truth community who actually bring us eye-opening, mind-blowing content, and risk much by doing so – Assange is one of those. I love them for it but it’s not helping. Why? Because people are so scared of the warden’s, they simply put their heads in the sand and pretend nothing happened. And all the while, the screws are being tightened down further and further on each of us. Humanity really has turned soft. I am not suggesting any aggressive action should be taken. Simply do not comply. If everyone stood shoulder to shoulder and simply said NO, what can they do? Always remember, there are more of us than there is of them!.

George Orwell’s 1984 has suddenly become very popular again. Its cited and quoted in many YouTube “truth” videos these days. I read the book and the most important thing about that book was that there was no escaping the wardens. The whole book was like “you are all screwed and there is nothing you can do about it”!. Well, that was what jumped out to me.

The sad truth is the only thing these truthers on youtube are doing is:

1. reinforcing your feelings of powerlessness and helplessness
2. become a target themselves (if they do make any headway and expose some “real life” issues to the masses).

You will never change the narrative on an “animal farm”, whilst being a part of the “animal farm”, by those who have complete control over every aspect of said “animal farm”. Trying to change the narrative on YouTube – are you f@&*!&£ kidding me? You can’t change the situation on an animal farm by telling people how bad the farm is. It becomes another game. He’s a shill, She’s a shill, Shill this and that nonsense. And of course, everyone claims to be “the real deal” and only they have the “truth”.

In the midst of all this bullish you get even more lost and confused because – who do you believe? Who can you really trust? Its all a game guys and the mainstream media are lapping it up. This “war on fake news” has been set up so everything is fake news and only the mainstream tells the truth.

Whats funny is that many of these truth channels are still basing their content from the controlled viewpoint of mainstream sources! How stupid is that!. This just ends up leading people round in circles, around and around and that’s exactly what’s been going on in the alternative community for the last 50 to 60 years.

“Well, screw it, I’m just gonna go off grid then” I hear many say. Perhaps in the past, it may have been a good idea, but seriously, there is no longer a place on the planet that you can be off grid people. As soon as they roll out 5G across the earth, they will be able to find anyone – in minutes if not seconds. The Internet of Things is making that downright impossible. Every square inch of land will soon be owned by someone, so you can’t go off grid. Your always going to be on somebody else’s something.

The only thing we can do in this prison / animal farm is do our best to get along with each other and not fight over stupid, meaningless things. If the rich man wants to go to war – give him the gun and tell him to fill his boots. We can no longer be taking human lives for the sake of some childish politician who wants more and more cookies. None of us are here forever and everyone must die someday. Better that happens with your friends and family around you rather than being alone in some muddy swamp in the middle of a war zone.

Wake up people, we are killing based on the greed of some rich person who has never seen the barrel of the gun you’re going to use to take a life. Thats just pure f*&^£$% insanity!. I must be honest and say that there are quite a few military persons waking up and speaking out. We just need more to do the same and better still, drop their weapons and walk away.

Whether you believe in religion, or not, there is enough evidence and science backing the concept that we have all lived many lives. Reincarnation is something I have looked in to for sometime and I have to say, from what I have seen, I believe it to be a very, very strong possibility.

What you do in this life will effect the next. So, if you’re a decent human in this life, you will carry that goodness with you to the next. On the other hand, if your an arse and have been party to hurting others – quite frankly, you are f***** my friend for you will not have a good time in your next human experience.

Just remember guys, we pay these politicians to serve us. We pay them our money but unfortunately, we are also paying them with the blood of the innocent.

Thank you for reading.

Peace and happiness to you all.

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