Laser’s Can Transmit Speech Audio Directly Into Any PERSON’S EAR

Lasers can send speech, tones and music directly into a persons ear, without anyone else hearing it.

In a paper published on Friday in the journal Optics Letters, the MIT team describes how it developed two different methods to transmit TONES, MUSIC, and RECORDED SPEECH via a laser, straight in to a persons ear.

In The Optical Society (OSA) journal Optics Letters, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory report using two different laser-based methods to transmit various tones, music and recorded speech at a conversational volume.

Both techniques take advantage of something called the photoacoustic effect, which is the formation of sound waves as the result of a material absorbing light. In the case of the MIT research, that material was water vapor in the air.

” Our system can be used from some distance away to beam information directly to someone’s ear,” said research team leader Charles M. Wynn. “It is the first system that uses lasers that are fully safe for the eyes and skin to localize an audible signal to a particular person in any setting.” 

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“This can work even in relatively dry conditions because there is almost always a little water in the air, especially around people,” said Wynn. “We found that we don’t need a lot of water if we use a laser wavelength that is very strongly absorbed by water. This was key because the stronger absorption leads to more sound.”

Researchers showed that commercially available equipment could transmit sound to a person more than 2.5 meters away at 60 decibels using the laser sweeping technique. They believe that the system could be easily scaled up to longer distances.

With time, once they are able to scale up the transmission distance, which could make the technique useful in dangerous situations, such during a mass shooting — authorities could beam instructions directly to individuals without anyone else hearing them.

Techniques will be mastered by demonstrating the methods outdoors at longer ranges.

“We hope that this will eventually become a commercial technology,” said Sullenberger. “There are a lot of exciting possibilities, and we want to develop the communication technology in ways that are useful.”

Think while its legal – lets talk..

Laser transmission of audio to people might be ‘new’, but the technology to manipulate peoples thoughts isn’t. MK Ultra has been around for years and as some speculate, is in operation today.

The ability to send ‘voices’ to people without anybody else hearing sounds interesting and frightening at the same time. Lets be honest, if you can send a signal, its only a matter of time before someone figures out how to receive signals. At that point, your thoughts will be monitored and if you ‘think out of line’ – there will be a knock on your door.

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