[Video] The Moon, Mars Deception

On almost all occasions, as soon as you enter an elevator, you can be sure that your mobile phone signal will drop to zero. Such is our current level of technology.

The Fukushima disaster of 2011 showed us that we are simply unable to deal with a nuclear reactor failing. No man, or machine, could be sent to find and neutralise the exposed nuclear rods. The media tell us otherwise, but how much trust can you put in what the media tells you? Toxic nuclear waste has been spilling in to the ocean around Fukushima now for almost 8 years, killing marine life.

Space travel, however, is completely possible says NASA. Humanity is so advanced that we have sent people to the Moon. Next stop.. Mars!.

Watch this video. Educate your children and family. Its YOUR MONEY they are using.

Source: StrangerThanFiction – Be sure to check out more of there videos – and subscribe to the channel.

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