Why is the world a mess

Why Is The World A Mess?

I wanted to respond to an email I received from a reader. It warrants its own short post.

I want to address the question “Why is the world a mess?.

You see, everything that has happened to the world, both good and bad began with a thought. A thought formed an idea, which led to more thought, which then led to a concept, which then led to manifestation.

Everything we experience in our lives first started out as a thought in someone’s mind. But it could not all be done by one mind. Many minds were needed to create, for example, a television . A single thought or idea had to be inherited and believed in by many for the idea to take form. This can be said for all things created in the world by human beings.

So, we can say with conviction that a thought is a powerful thing that can (if believed in by a few or many) manifest itself in to our reality. Right?. Nothing can manifest itself without us. And so if an idea can only come in to reality through an accumulated acceptance of it, then many minds would be involved.

So why do we complain so much about the state of the world?.

You see, those in power did not just fall out of the sky and take form. They are human, just like me and you. They had ideas and concepts which were believed in and inherited by many other minds, that the concepts and beliefs of one person took form and became our reality.

All that you see and hear about on the world stage is, an accumulation of beliefs and concepts that have taken form. I want you to really think about this. Its profound!.

The world is a mess and its our fault. But can you see why?. We allowed it to be this way. The accumulated thoughts and ideas of all of humanity are being played out on the world stage.

What your seeing unfold in the world is the current worldwide accumulated state of human minds, thoughts and beliefs in action through manifestation.

The act of war and its effects were once simply a thought. The iPad was once a thought. Agriculture was once a thought. And so on.

If we cannot accept the formidable power of thought and its greater implications, then we will never change the world. It will always remain a mess. This is until we no longer have a world that will allow us to be its inhabitants.

Be cautious of what goes in to your mind!. Be cautious of what you allow yourself to believe. Be aware of the kinds of thoughts and opinions you have and ask yourself “are they really my thoughts or have I picked them up from someone else”.

We live in the age of information. Much of it is pushed at us through many avenues. Allow yourself space to think clearly. Its ok not to want to think like everyone else. Its ok not to believe in what others believe in. Be mindful of that.

The world is a reflection of the accumulated state of the human mind. That’s something that the education systems around the world will never teach you.

If we want to change what comes out of the minds of humans, we need to change what goes in.

Be aware of what goes in through your eyes and ears. It will mould your perceptions without you even noticing it.

I thank the reader for their question and feel free to leave a question in the comments section below or email me directly.

M B Raja

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