What Do We Really Know?

Everything you think you know only exists in your mind. It has no bearing on reality. It is an accumulation of what you have read, seen and heard. Almost all of what you think you know comes from a 3rd party perspective. It is not your own knowing that makes the conclusions. It is that which you have inherited from others.

Experience is the only true knowing. It leaves you with little doubt that your experience was real. True knowing leaves little for you to second guess yourself.

We take what we have been told and assume its all real. It must be as someone told me it was so. It must be true because someone who is an expert told me so on a YouTube video or on a podcast.

Assumptions based on 3rd party perspectives is why so many of us are confused and removed from the reality that exists in front of our faces. Our instincts are left of the bench whilst our minds are hijacked by thoughts and feelings that are not even our own.

Most of humanity is walking around in complete denial of themselves. They display confidence in what they have been conditioned to believe by others and are prepared to go to extreme lengths to defend their inherited beliefs. Just take a look around the world and that will confirm what I am saying.

It matters not what you think is real. It matters not what you think cannot be real. Try to look at things as they are. Mostly, you will see that there is no shortage of people out there trying to fight for your attention and by doing so, change your perspective on what is actually real. That is all there is. Nothing more.

Notice this when you next watch something on TV or hear a podcast. They all begin with trying to  catch your attention. By doing so, an emotion will be triggered and then very quickly, you will be left thinking about what you have just seen or heard. You have been captured, your senses have been aroused and your perspective has been altered. This can be applied to marketing ads, TV programmes, podcasts and all social media platforms. They are all in the business of altering your perspective, without you even being conscious of it.

Being aware of this has many benefits. The greatest is that you will no longer buy in to anything that is thrusted upon you. Instead, if it is of interest, you will look in to it yourself and come to your own conclusions. You will allow your instincts to guide your understanding of the subject. You may not have first hand experience of it, but you will not go out of your way to defend it either. You will be open to all perspectives, and judge none.

Today’s confirmed, without compromise, definitely sure opinions will be cast aside tomorrow as new findings emerge. Its always been this way and always will be. We know very little about anything in reality. Base everything you think you know on experience. No more, no less.

Know…. don’t believe!

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