Death The Universal Guarantee

Death – The Only Universal Guarantee

The topic that is universally unrecognized. It’s the hardest part of reality to swallow. Perhaps the most feared part of reality. To mention it, will no doubt cause you to be labelled a manic depressant, a dooms day thinker, an occultist and much more. So choose your audience carefully. The subject of death puts things in to perspective like no other subject. It forces you to accept your mortality. The clock is ticking for us all and there is no pause or rewind button.

No one can escape it. It’s the only guarantee of life. When death comes, you can be sure that it will come on its timetable and schedule, and not yours. Death cares not about your religion, what you call god or where you pray. When death comes for you, it will be as if you were never alive. You will be gone and no amount of superficial possessions can ever stop it.

You can never escape it, you will never out smart it, you can never negotiate with it, you can never take out a loan or “I owe you” against it. It does not care about your views, opinions, likes /dislikes, political standing, how much money you have (or don’t have), how smart you think you are, the letters after your name, how many friends you have on Facebook. None of this matters and death cares not about you or your belongings. All that you have gathered during your life will amount to nothing when the alarm sounds and the moment of death arrives.

Death is the most real thing about life and is essential for life to remain. The human body itself provides little doubt of this. Billions of cells die in our bodies every minute and are reborn in order to keep us alive. Our very existence is based on death. When we eat, we kill to nourish our bodies. The fruit, vegetables, sea life and animals – all are killed to keep us alive.

In todays world, we kill parts of the planet in order to satisfy our cravings and desires for the next big piece of technology or “essential everyday products”. When you think about it, we are a species that requires death in order to remain conscious. Death has a huge responsibility to play in our lives but yet we fear it and seldom talk about it.

In order to see things in perspective, we must talk about death. Not just talk, but really think about it at the most fundamental and conscious levels of our minds. To dismiss this fact of life is not going to make it disappear.

You will quickly come to realise that in order for us to consume anything – something had to die.

Embracing this has profound effects on how we see death and its role in the world. If you really grasp a deep appreciation of death, you will change. You will no more allow yourself to be manipulated or lied to. You will no longer be attached to nonsense and suffering from your past experiences. You will no longer buy in to what you have been told at the expense of your own instincts .  Your material attachments will no longer matter so much. The “fight to be right” will no longer matter. In short, all nonsense in your life will dissolve away along with those that cause it.

You will see things as they are in the world, which is nonsense for the most part. You will no longer care about things that do not make your existence a great one. Your experience of life will change.

The nonsense will still be there, but you will no longer indulge in reacting to it. Do not misunderstand or under estimate this way of being. It is not submissive, but empowering. It is not “head in the clouds”, but having your feet planted firmly in reality. It is not all daisies and lavish green fields, but seeing the overwhelming disaster that is the world. The reality and role of death will change everything about you. In my experience, materialism was the first thing to go!

Why? Because you know and understand that it is all nonsense and one day, it will all come to an end. The question is, do you want the remainder of your life to be a happy, stress free, appreciative and conscious one? Do you want to do what is right for you and those whom you care about? Or do you want a life that is filled with anger, guilt, frustration, self loathing and empty promises? One that has you confused, second guessing yourself, pressurised to be a curtain way, think a certain way and behave a certain way.

Death is the single most powerful fact of life. Everything is going to come to an end one day. When the time comes, none of what you think, have, believe, hate and love will matter.

Hear… don’t listen!

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