Honour Yourself

With intent, do not harm others, do no damage to others property or possessions.

I wanted to start with this quote to set a foundation.

While listening to the people I interact with during my day to day life, there seems to be no doubt that a theme of self enquiry exists in them all. While self enquiry is a great tool for personal growth, most, are walking a path of self demonization.

Your demonization is not even your own doing. Your opinions and standards are not even your own making. They are inherited. People learn how to self demonize.

People compare themselves to what they read in a book, saw on TV, heard on a podcast, read on a Google search – its not even your own thoughts.  We have forgotten how to hear ourselves. Hear our intuition speak to us. Hear our inner voice guide us when the mind is foolishly going on a rampage for approval of what we think and how we feel. We seek approval from the outside when we should seek it internally.

The onslaught of external influences fighting for our attention is ever growing. Our opinions are shaped and often contradictory to what we actually feel. We feel the need to “be part of the masses”. We have forgotten to appreciate that its our uniqueness that matters and not how well we adjust our opinions and needs to please others.

All we have is our senses. We use these them to navigate our surroundings. Our strength lies in the basics of our unique experience. Our experience is true to us regardless of what others may think. There are always far too many people waiting to criticise and diminish our individuality so why make it easy for them?.

There is only your experience. Nothing else matters.

Ask 10 people to look at and describe a wheel, you will get very similar answers.

Ask 10 people to look at and describe a complex painting or architecturally complex building, the answers will differ greatly.

Ask 10 people to discuss an even more complex thing like a human being, again, the answers will differ with more significance.

The point is, there is no right or wrong. There is only your individual experience. So why beat yourself up over something that is true to your experience. It has no significance over others lives. They will experience things and mould their opinions based on their own version of the experience.

This is where bravery comes to life. Very few people will tell you that true bravery is being able to be comfortable with yourself. Bravery is honouring yourself and all that you think and feel. In the face of consistent and sometimes, predictable opposition, bravery is the only thing that will enable you to remain true to yourself and others around you.

With intent, do not harm others, do no damage to others property or possessions.

Make this the basis of your nature.

That does not mean that you are not permitted to be angry or annoyed. You must honour all aspects of you, the positive and negative. Accepting yourself in parts is a fragmented person. Fragmented people are deaf to the voice of intuition.

Allow yourself to be. Just be.

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