What Does Being Authentic Mean

Its hard to even describe what being authentic really means to some people. Everyone has their own version of the term but few are actually aware of what it truly means to be authentic.

Do and say exactly what you feel and mean

This generic, short sentence, encapsulates it perfectly. However, many are unaware of the profound depth of its meaning. Furthermore, even fewer know how to live with true authenticity today.

It means being true, honest and loyal to yourself and with yourself. You act and behave in a manner that is true to you. You remove worry about what others may think or say about you. This includes friends, family and co-workers. You do not judge yourself, your thoughts or your actions. You remain completely centred in every situation without allowing yourself to worry about how you are being perceived by others.

You speak your truth regardless of the social expectations from others. You make decisions based on what you want to do, not what others expect you to do. You live as a truly open and authentic person, without lying, making compromises or badly judging yourself.

Most of the stresses in your life can simply be removed if you can be authentic with yourself and with others around you. But be careful, people will not be expecting this from you and be ready for some sticky times. You may find that you begin to challenge your existing relationships in ways most will not expect. This is simply a good thing. It may not seem like it to begin with and you may find yourself loosing people along the way. By being truly authentic, your simply removing those from your life that cannot accept the authentic you.

Like I have already said, very few people know how to live with true authenticity today. Society judges us intensely and we are all expected to confirm to “the norms”. People have been conditioned to worry about how others see them, more than how they actually see themselves.

In any situation, you know when you are not being authentic. Your body tells you immediately. Your stomach is the first to react. You feel a deep sensation in your gut when your simply not speaking your truth. If your honest with yourself, you can relate to what I am describing.

Being authentic does not mean being disrespectful or intentionally hurting those around you. People may be put off when you do not respond as they wanted, and that is ok. You cannot control others reactions but you can be mindful in the ways you respond to them. There are many ways to say yes and no to someone.

The reason many people can never be authentic is fear. Fear of loosing friends, fear of becoming isolated, fear of upsetting people. Everyone is trying to comply to social norms in the world and have forgotten themselves in the process. Its time to let go of your fears and allow yourself to be completely 100% true to yourself.

Begin by simply coming from a place of calm and look to your heart for your answers. Think less and feel more. Be confident that your heart and that which we call our natural instinct will not let us down. Don’t be afraid of what others think or may say. Its only temporary. Tomorrow they will find something else to talk about or think about. It makes no difference to them.

If your not authentic with yourself and those around you, it will catch up with you. Normally in negative ways. This is why so many people in the world feel fragmented. They have no sense of what they want or even need in life. Depression, anxiety and other mental disorders are all that can come from years of lying to yourself.

Remain calm, respond from the heart and without negative judgement. Slowly, your life will begin to become a happy, more peaceful place to live in. Leave the worrying to others and just be true to yourself and those who remain around you.

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